This is My Story

August 15th, 2018

My name is Mary and this is My Story.

   Life has not come easily to me. Experiencing abuse in many forms, rape, issues with drugs, alcohol, and depression have left me feeling broken at times. 
After my divorce 2 years ago I got the simple words ‘Beautifully Strong’ tattooed on my wrist. These words are a reminder to myself that no matter what trials I may face, no one can take my beauty and strength away from me. However, even with those words staring me in the face for strength, I ran from the pain that had haunted me for so long.
   At 33, I broke. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. I had nothing left. My heart was shattered and I was so lost. It was at this time my dear friend, Valerie pointed to my tattoo. “Mary, what does your wrist say? Why do I love you? Who is Mary?” It was in that moment I had a revelation...
   “Beautifully Strong”... It had been sitting on my wrist for 2 years. A message with so much strength and love behind it. Yes, life has broken me, but “I am Perfectly Broken & Living Beautifully Strong.”
   It was at this time that I realized what exactly I want to do in this life: help others. My personal experience with trauma has taught me how to love through the worst of times. These trails that I've been through have been a vital part of my personal growth, but they don't define me. I Am Not A Victim nor am I Survivor. I just have a story. And I want to use my experiences to help others learn to love themselves. To be love. To choose love. To love, hard.
   I've always wanted to make an apparel line, but nothing has given me the drive to actually go for it. Beautifully Strong & Valiant Warrior was my fire! It gave an old dream new life and a purpose with so much passion.

   Beautifully Strong is a brand designed at its core to raise up and challenge the ideas of the woman who may think she is worthless, ugly or alone. Beautifully Strong is here to remind you that you are worth everything, you are so incredibly beautiful, and you are Never Alone.
Beautifully Strong is to empower others, give confidence, and service as a positive reminder of self love. These are qualities that I strongly believe in and embody full heartily.  

   Valiant Warrior is for those men who have experienced the trauma, abuse, violence, and the loss of self. Life is hard and it kicks us all.
Those who wear the Valiant Warrior brand value integrity, offer selflessness, and show unyielding support for others. They possess the courage to fight their battles with honor. Wars are won by armies, not by one man alone. We are all in this fight together, so know that you are not alone!

I will leave you with this. If you have not heard this today, let me be the one to tell you, I love you and I think you are perfect! Fight for Love and Life. You got this.”