This is My Story

August 15th, 2018

My name is Mary, and this is my story.

Life has been a journey filled with challenges and hardships. Experiencing abuse, rape, struggles with drugs, alcohol, and depression left me feeling shattered at times. Two years ago, after my divorce, I decided to ink the words 'Beautifully Strong' tattooed on my wrist. These words became a daily reminder that my beauty and strength were unshakable, regardless of the trials I faced. Yet, even with this empowering reminder, I continued to run from the pain that haunted me.

At the age of 33, I reached a breaking point – emotionally, mentally, and physically. I felt utterly lost and broken. It was during this dark time that my dear friend, Valerie, pointed to my tattoo, urging me to reflect on its meaning. Those simple words held a profound revelation – "Beautifully Strong." It had been with me all along, a message of strength and love.

"I am Perfectly Broken & Living Beautifully Strong." With this realization, I understood my purpose in life – to help others. My own experiences with trauma taught me how to love through the darkest times. I realized that my struggles did not define me as a victim or survivor; they simply shaped my unique story. I wanted to use my journey to inspire others to love themselves, to be love, and to choose love – unyielding and courageous.

An old dream was reignited with a new purpose – creating an apparel line. Beautifully Strong & Valiant Warrior became my fire! 

Beautifully Strong seeks to empower, instill confidence, and serve as a positive reminder of self-love – qualities that I wholeheartedly believe in and embody. This brand empowers women who may feel worthless, unattractive, or isolated, reminding them of their inherent worth and beauty, assuring them they are never alone.

Valiant Warrior is dedicated to men who have faced trauma, abuse, violence, and lost themselves along the way. Life's challenges can be relentless, but together, as a united army, we can find the courage to fight with honor and support one another.

I want to tell you this – "I love you, and I think you are perfect! Fight for love and life. You got this."

With Beautifully Strong & Valiant Warrior, my mission is clear – to be a source of strength, inspiration, and love for all those who journey alongside me. Together, we can embrace our imperfections and rise beautifully strong, united in love and resilience.